The Journey of a Born Again Soul

The Journey of a Born Again Soul

@Go_Bugz @D_Dave @DarqBxkid @kindgenius DOPE! Rising To The Top (by 3AFilms)

@chuckplatinum @damatrixdwi @diggymusberger @noenyc A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “PHIFE DAWG” TALKS BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE (by djnoe2007)

@doitalldu this is DOPE for hip hop!!!! Marley Marl executive produces L.O.T.U.G. 20th anniversary project.  One of my favorite groups in hip hop. What y’all know about the “Float On” Pete Rock Remix? NADA!

@aristotleBAM & the good folks at By Any Means necessary did this dope clip of Aristotle (Director of Fab’s “Killin em” vid) as he rocks out with us on Crazy Mob Squad Radio. Shouts to Jay Onez, Money Shot Films & Silvia Munoz on the shoot.


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